About US


My name is Lynn Allen. For a long time I have had a passion for helping those who need a hand up. We live in a society where we are judged on how we look before we even have a chance to show what we can do. It is not really fair but it is a reality of life. Dashuri is on a mission to identify health and beauty products that can help people of limited means look and feel like a million dollars. Will the watch you buy from our site look as good 10 years from now as a 10 year old Rolex? Maybe not, but it will be a fine watch that will make you look like you paid much, much more when you wear it to that job interview or important meeting or presentation. Check out my Paparazzi store (links from my home page). I began selling this jewelry after buying some from and friend and realizing that it looks and wears as nice as jewelry I was spending twice as much to wear! I love the fact that everything is $5.00. And many of those choices come with 2 pieces of jewelry! So you can buy 20 individual pieces of jewelry for $50.00! Better yet, become a representative yourself and save even more! Email me at dashurirocks@gmail.com for more information! In fact, please email me about anything that may help other people just starting out or going through a hard time. Dashuri means love and their is no better way to show your love than through service. We like to think providing low cost alternatives to looking and feeling good is a good start!